A not particularly fantastic yet exceedingly popular whiskey. I find that it's most drinkable induced straight in copious amounts, which will lead to an absolute cunt of a hangover often accompanied by partial memory loss; however, it appears to be most popular in Coca Cola or on the rocks. Take it how you like it - Jack Daniels is not a drink to be savoured, unlike a good single malt whisky like Laphroaig or a traditional Kentucky Bourbon like Van Winkle.

Jack Daniels is not a Bourbon but a "Tennessee sour-mash" because it employs the extra process of charcoal mellowing to add flavour, which some consider cheating the system. Incidentally, a bourbon can be made anywhere in the United States, not just Bourbon in Kentucky.

Jack Daniels is conspicuously advertised in film. Other notable examples of drinks that appear to be advertised in everything from the latest Hollywood drivel to your favourite American sitcom are Bombay Sapphire gin; Hennessy and Remy Martin Cognac; Grey Goose vodka; Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot Champagne.
1) I'm fucking depressed and I'm skint, so I'm going to drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and pass out on the floor.

2) I'm very suggestible and/or new to drinking, so "I'll have a JD and coke please barkeep".

3) Did you see 'Scent of a Woman'? What a load of shite. The entire plot revolved around Jack Daniels, or "John Daniels" as the protagonist affectionately called it.
by Neil Fox December 01, 2006
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A quality distilled liquor made from a "mash" and natural spring water. Liquid gold that is commonly referred to as hillbilly idiot juice and liquid panty remover.
If alcohol is a crutch, Jack Daniels is a wheelchair.
by dammit janet October 22, 2004
Hard liqour made in Tennesee and sold throughout the world. Known for its awesome taste and supreme alcohol content. Also gets girls naked ALOT easier.
I drank a whole bottle of jack daniels and died after fucking that slutty chick.
by Eric January 07, 2005
The only friend a sad person can get, a drink to consume alone when you need to breakdown in tears, expectably the whole bottle instead of an only glass.
Sad man: Jack, you really are my only and last friend... *sigh*
Jack Daniels: Come here I'll hug you! You can cry on my shoulder. Yes, that's it! Here you go!
by Frank bonestorm October 03, 2005
A whiskey that manages to be both the best and worst drink ever conceived. This is due to its good taste and relatively low price. However it will frequently make you do things that you would regret if you could remember. May also make you wake up without clothes. Friends will usually forgive you for your actions.
Doug: Dude, fuck you. I hate you for what you did last night.
Alex: What did I do? And where the fuck are my pants?
Doug: Sorry. I forgot you had Jack Daniels last night.
by Chaos8803 April 11, 2008
A non-topical medicine that can heal many external injuries. Best results are given when ingested through the mouth.
"You got pretty beaten up last night. I just got this medicine from a good fellow named Dr. Daniels, although his friends call him Jack."

"Excellent, Jack Daniels. Bottoms up"
by Gran Torino July 25, 2009
Sour Whiskey. Served in posh nightclubs and iffy dives around the world. Known for its strong taste, offer it to teenyboppers and watch them retch, convulse, and pass out.
Jack daniels is the only good thing to come out of Tennessee.
Al Gore: Hey! That hurts my feelings, I'm going to go cry on the cover of Rolling Stone, with my horrible, horrible nipples exposed for all the world to see; I really want to be president.
by bobdole September 07, 2003
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