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Jack Bauer is SOL... no, not shit outta luck. Sex On Legs. ;)
Jack Bauer is sex on legs... and Kiefer isn't bad either!
by duckhunter24 August 16, 2004
Drinking a beer in the shower while masturbating.
It was hot out and I couldn't sleep, so I treated myself to a Jack Bauer to take the edge off.
by rexfordtugwell February 10, 2011
Verb: Meaning to open up a serious can of "whoop ass" on a person or group of people in such a way that it is quite clear which of the parties involved got his or her ass kicked.
Did you see that fight between Nate and Martin? Yeah. He totally Jack Bauered his ass!
by TscribeBoston December 20, 2006
1. To Be Up For 24 Hours Or More.
2. Something Than Happens To Terrorist.
3. A Card You Don't Want To Play.
4. Something You Say When Someone Is Harassing You For Info.
News Reporter: Numerous Terrorist Around the Globe Have Been Killed By an Unknown Gunner brandishing a Silenced Nine millimeter.
Me: Must Be Jack Bauer.
by Slade Technics December 19, 2006

huge pimp
jack bauer is god, enough said.
by i love jack bauer February 06, 2006
A man who enjoys dominant roleplay in the bedroom, having his partner at his complete mercy and torturing them until they submit to his will. A male version of a dominatrix, if you will.

So named for the lead character of the hit Fox series "24", Jack Bauer will do whatever it takes to thwart terrorism and is notorious for his brutal interrogation methods.
I heard her boyfriend's a total Jack Bauer; I never thought she was into that kind of thing.


Yeah, I pulled a Jack Bauer on her. She was begging me to let her do me by the time I was done.
by Crazy Pelirrojo April 15, 2009

To Jack Bauer someone is the act of taking ones penis and stabbing it through someones skull into the brain, instantly killing them.
Man... I just Jack Bauered that bitch!

I was loosing the fight but I was finally able to get ahold of his head and I Jack Bauered him.

He is such a badass... he totally Jack Bauered that guy!

I was supposed to be put asleep for killing someone but I asked the council to reconsider so I could be Jack Bauered.
by Andy Norris June 04, 2008