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The most awesome character to have ever hit T.V
There would be no 24 without Jack Bauer
by cass leigh December 19, 2006
39 13
1) n. the most god-like, terrifying superhuman entity known to man.

2) v. to complete a task no matter how impossible that task may seem.
1) When a convicted terrorist was sentenced to face Jack Bauer, he appealed to have the sentence reduced to death.
Superman's only weakness is Kryptonite. Jack Bauer laughs at Superman for having a weakness

2) Mission Impossible is just another way of saying Mission Without Jack Bauer.
by specs92 April 09, 2009
20 4
jack bauer's name except for as a verb meaning to injure or hurt with force or violence
Don't make me Jack Bauer your ass.
I will Jack Bauer those terrorists.
by B to the Rizzle March 03, 2007
23 11
The man that can kill 40 people in 1 minute(30 if he's been shot)
Okay we got 5 people in that room and 30 people in the next, so Jack Bauer you're going in.
by houjhkhj kfgkjfgj January 03, 2007
24 12
A true hero, and I wanna be him, and also be IN his daughter
Jack Bauer is a fu**ing legend!
by pimpinainteasy September 15, 2003
45 33
Named after the TV character, a term used to describe the act of staying awake for 24 hours straight.
There was so much work to do, I had to pull a Jack Bauer to get it done in time.
by redzeoranger2007 April 27, 2007
18 7
24 Inch Rims, the number relates to the hit fox show 24 which is as gangster as a pair of 24 inch rims. Jack Bauer is the lead character, producer, etc. of 24 and pretty gangster
A:I got an 02 Tahoe sittin on Jack Bauers
B: Damn Son, them shit's is tight, you got spinnas on them?
A: Nah Yo
by Brandon D. S. June 29, 2006
27 17