A Jacie is a very attractive and beautiful girl. She is athletic, energetic, fun to talk to, and amazing at basketball. She says she is unattractive, but she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is a little crazy, and thinks she has a lot of haters, but she doesn't, because everyone loves her. I wish I could go out with something as amazing as Jacie.
Look at that Jacie, she's so gorgeous.
by ThatOneGuyT October 11, 2012
Top Definition
A beautiful, sexy, artsy, free-flowing, daredevil who loves life, friends and family. This fly girl is the life of the party, friendly and inquisitive. Those who know her are lucky to have her in their life.
The Jacie skydived through the air.
by sparkle345 February 04, 2010
Jacie is the most gorgeous girl in the whole world. I would die for Jacie. She has my life and my heart. The love for Jacie is like the ocean it never stops being filled up. Filled up with love(: Jacie is Exterme extreme extremely sexy. I am allways happy when i am around her. You are the one and only person for me. My heart over follows with love for you. You are my true Love. I will love youe forever and ever no matter wat.

Jacie I Love You Sooooo Much!
by Mkoziol February 04, 2010
Jacie is the sweetest girls ever. She is absoutely positively gorgeous. She can be a bit crazy at times and can deffinitely be quiet also. She is almost always honest. She can be rude at times though. She has to have commitment issues and severe lack of trust.
Jacie you will always have my heart no matter what.
by wildcats73 December 29, 2010
a cool chick who looks like Taylor Swift
Is that Taylor Swift? darnit it's just Jacie
by jpiskapeski February 04, 2010
A tall, skinny, lovable guy who is always there for you no-matter what. He's protective and caring, and he loves when you are secretly sweet to him when you're mean to everyone else. NOT A GIRL NAME.
I love you, Jacie.
by blehhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! December 13, 2010
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