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Somebody who is extremely beautiful and caring. A Jacelyn is super adorable, but tends to beat the shit out of people only when you arent there to see it. A Jacelyn gives the best kisses and has a very pretty face. A Jacelyn is fucking awesome and always puts people in a great mood. The only bad thing about a Jacelyn, is that she will make you miss her an absurd amount and it may drive you to insanity. Also, her boyfriend is probably a big buff white dude.
Girl: See that girl over there? Yeah, shes a Jacelyn. Im jealous.
Guy: Yeah, if her boyfriend wouldnt cut my throat I would definitely talk to her.
by FuckingDelicious February 28, 2013
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All around an awesome person. She can sometimes be distant and is very rational, but is still willing to beat the crap out of anyone who breaks your heart, or is an asshat to you when driving. The fights will be epic, but after each one you end up finding out something about the other and your love will grow. Very dirty minded and open, but fun all the same. She would drag someone out of hell if they pissed her off, if only to set them straight. If she has children, they'll be prepared to face the world with their chins held high.
1: Wow, those kids were obviously very well raised.
2: Well, they are Jacelyn's kids.
by Actressgrl1 October 15, 2013
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jacelyn is a girl who is very nice has her times when she can be serious but is always happy and excited a jacelyn is great in bed loves chrildren and is a big flirt a jacelyn loves to kno tht u r there for them a jacelyn loves to have sex 24\7
gurl: whos that? shes very pretty

guy:thats jacelyn im in love with her
by gurl15 March 07, 2013
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She is a Dubbba-u-blueberry-bagle face eating kid!
And shes a great backstroke swimmer......
Wow look at jacelyn swim backstroke!
by Dubleuchocolatechipbagelfaceki February 22, 2012
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