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Person/People (usually with a university background or a similar form of higher education) who decide to speak in convoluted, very jargon oriented terms about general subjects/topics with the main intent to either: show off their supposed expertise; their superior intellect over their audience; or both.

The main feeling of their audience, however, would typically be "what a long-winded prick..." or a similar negative thought.

Expanding from this, politicians could be described as Jacademics with enhanced convolution and word play abilities.

Term first heard from (Ninja/J-Sel, CoB, 2012)
Professor at dinner party: You know Charles, the stagnant, and you could even say bearish, state of the economy is fundamentally a result of the proliferation of questionable securities and derivatives products offered by major investment banks with the help of their Federal Reserve and Politician friends.

Thought of a general listener: What a Jacademic / Jackademic!
by Realityshow October 17, 2012
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