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A dark skinned girl, tad bit rude, stubborn at times, funny, mature, not very strong looking in the ass area but the tits look right ;) and freak. Everybody usually makes a nickname for her. Everyone meets a Jabria once in their life.
Jabria came over yesterday. she was getting on my nerves but overall, we had a good time
by TheCoolGuy123456789 August 29, 2010
Smart girl, dumb booty. Young boss lady who is very open minded, big dreams , bright future ahead. Double takes occur when she step on the scene. Juicy. Soft. Loveable. Sex appeal out of this world. Blessed. Fortunate. Admired. Best you ever had.
Ja'Bria is the bomb.com.
by Breezy S. Baby December 17, 2013