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A good looking prayerful guy with gifted talents and favored by God. (see 1 Chronicles 4:9-10)
"I want my baby to be named as Jabez."
by Gloaty April 23, 2010
Name given to a form of human male species found in the slums of southern england. He can be seen wearing rolled up trousers, baring his hairy ankles, white t shirts and a denim jacket, used to catch his prey: ginger males with an adddiction to racing.

A Jabez also has long extremeties allowing him to reproduce from a distance.
Look at that Jabez sitting in a slum.
by elixsey June 14, 2010
Horrible looking ginger kid with know friends.
Oi, jabez, whats up with that ginger hair you coon!
by Alex is a dick! July 29, 2009
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