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The Joe Biden Boss (aka "Jabes"). Used to refer to the second in command, the underboss, the first loser. Can be used as a noun to refer to a person, or as an adjective for particularly subservient situations.
1) You are ma jabes!

2) His dance moves are mad jabesy. What a JBB!
by The Baws! October 18, 2011
Jabe is the slang word for Jailbait.
As in a girl or boy that is under 16.
Yet you find yourself or others find them self(s) attracted to even thought they are clearly underage or Jabe.
:'Wow check her out'
: 'Shes clearly Jabe'


:'Did you hear about that Jabe Kyle pulled last nite?'
by Ms Munk April 20, 2010
Jabes is a crazy ass grandma that goes by the name of Jordan Bishop. He recently cut his hair and got contacts, although he does look like a babe, there is no hiding his crazy instincts.
Jabes once threw me out of his car going down the highway.
by Loverboy5 July 24, 2010