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Jabe is the slang word for Jailbait.
As in a girl or boy that is under 16.
Yet you find yourself or others find them self(s) attracted to even thought they are clearly underage or Jabe.
:'Wow check her out'
: 'Shes clearly Jabe'


:'Did you hear about that Jabe Kyle pulled last nite?'
by Ms Munk April 20, 2010
The Joe Biden Boss (aka "Jabes"). Used to refer to the second in command, the underboss, the first loser. Can be used as a noun to refer to a person, or as an adjective for particularly subservient situations.
1) You are ma jabes!

2) His dance moves are mad jabesy. What a JBB!
by The Baws! October 18, 2011
A girl who is sexy, cool, kind, and loyal. She loves attention and will put lots of effort into any relationship. Jabe's are very athletic and smart, and can't stand not being the best at everything. Jabe's are especially known for their great sense of style, and amazing bodies.
Woah dude, she's so great, she's such a Jabe!
by gn;rang February 06, 2015
Jabes is a crazy ass grandma that goes by the name of Jordan Bishop. He recently cut his hair and got contacts, although he does look like a babe, there is no hiding his crazy instincts.
Jabes once threw me out of his car going down the highway.
by Loverboy5 July 24, 2010
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