Top Definition
Filthy pedophile. See rapist.
Jabba just told me he downloaded porn of a little girl jacking a horse's penis off. What a pedophile.
by RustyNail February 17, 2005
The tiny bit of semen that oozes out of your dick about 4 minutes after you ejaculate.
Gross, your ugly dick is jabbapop.
by Donny Jones IV April 23, 2008
Dirty D aka Date Rape
That emo kid over there is a Jabbapop.
by Honorary Member March 03, 2005
(verb) dancing in a fashion similar to the creepy pete that grinds on high school girls in some raves, except with livestock instead of high school girls.
Dude...I totally busted Farmer James jabbapopping his pig last night.
by Concerned citizen March 04, 2005
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