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Jaanvi is a beautiful goddess, and glows of goodness and impurity. She is awesome, and has beautiful hair. She is delicate, caring, intellectual,and nice. Everyone loves her.
Person 2: Yeah... I know... She is a goddess
by bobtheblobjuinior January 10, 2013
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Jaanvi is a beautiful, delicate person. She is gorgeous, and has luxurious tresses of hair. She is very caring, compassionate, and responsible.
Jaanvi Sachdeva was casted for a brand new movie. Jaanvi Sachdeva is a model.
by Anishiv January 10, 2013
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1. A female human being who holds a grudge against some particular male human beings. She may love some males, but may hate others. She is up-to-date, but can also be very mean. Some look pretty, some are hot, some suck.
Distinguishing features: Horrible hair, freckles, a permanent cute pout.
2. An object which looks like shit.

3. (verb) To laugh at a stupid joke endlessly.

4. (verb) To break people's hearts.
1. Look at that girl, man. I bet she's a Jaanvi.
2. Watch your step! There's some Jaanvi there!
3. Stop Jaanviing, gurl! It's not THAT funny!
4. She Jaanvies every guy. Stay away.
by #SwagIsMySecondName March 11, 2015
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