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JaKarra: Juh-car-uh.
A female who is artistically talented. She loves to try anything once and is very non-committal because of her need to feel free and need to be able to leave at any given moment. Do not expect her to give her heart to out because if she does she will resent you. A very funny creature that usually will have a wise guy attitude and vulgar sense of humor. Usually a very beautiful human being but not a typical female at all.
Dude, I want to hook up with a JaKarra
by imthebestyouneverhad November 22, 2012
Jakarra: Jah-kah-rah.
a female who prefers everything masculine. will wear trackies and sneakers to the pub rather than a dress. will play endless games of cricket and refuse to watch any netball. drinks beer and behaves in disrespectful, impolite ways such as letting rip in the same room as others. loves playing pranks & will always end up whinging by the end of any day or night out.
Stop being such a Jakarra
by asdfadsfadsf. April 29, 2011

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