Biggest Tupac Wannabe out there besides Jevon Jones (Tha Realest). Does nothing but steal Tupac's lyrics and copy his cross, bandanas and bald head. He should change his name to Mockaveli.
Ja Rule needs to get off Tupac's dick.
by Ashleigh Keys May 18, 2008
A rap artist who was once considered a "wanksta" but has come back with the street joint "New York" which has all of the former haters talking.

50 cent's daddy.
50 cent - Damn daddy.... what are you doing fucking my girl?

Ja Rule - Shut up bitch... you can have this pussy when I'm finished.

50 cent - But she's mine da-

*50 cent is pimp slapped by Ja Rule*
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004
An amazing rapper!! One of the best ever! F*ck all u haterz!!
Y'all juss hate on him cuz ur jealous!!
by f_da_hatas December 01, 2004
The worst/softest rapper ever!!!!
He is a bitch he let my husband punk him with no feed back.Ja can't rap I think he paved the way for all the bitch ass rappers.50 whooped his ass this year Ja ain't take nothing home at any of the awards 50 took more than anyone this year and I'm very proud of his sexy ass to hell with everyone hatin on 50 and fuck murder inc. it's all about GGGGGGGg.unit nigga
by Daja Lenear March 09, 2004
.... you drool!
yeah, you drool! Since somewhere in a foreign langage which I forget, "ja" means 'yes'...: Ja, ja drool!
by James August 24, 2003
Jah Rule
Noun; The human form of a Doberman Pinscher who suffers from Down's Syndrome and has a penis the size of a two-year old boy's.
"Those poor parents. I can't believe their first-born child grew up to be such a Ja Rule"
Shamika: "Eww..look at that ugly dog!"
Tarissa: "Yo Girl! That ain't no dog! That be a mutha-fuckin' Ja Rule!
by Lil' Devil August 21, 2003
One of the greatest hip hop artists. The first person to combine hip hop/rap and pop. Released serveral hits around the year 2000 and stared in serverl movies.
-Ja Rule is better than 50 Cent
-Ja Rule is the fucking better than 50 Cent
by Sophear May 07, 2005
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