1. Short for Juvenile Court or Detention (aka jail).
2. Short for junior varisty in dealing with a sports team or colorguard and cheerleading, which are not a sports - ie you suck.
Damn after JV practice the cops caught me jackin' a old pos (piece of shit) and now I got to go to my JV hearing where they probably will send me to JV.
by Dave January 23, 2004
Top Definition
meaning sub par or less than expected
emma: "hey how was that party last night?"
jill: "it wasn't very fun"
emma: "yeah i heard it was pretty j.v."
by Phil Free September 23, 2007
As in junior varsity, or half-assed, unskilled, or plain old inept.
That dude's jump-shot was J.V.

That art-director's rendering of a elephant was so J.V.
by Delooj October 12, 2010
JV or (Jealous Vagina) Is a Term used when your Girlfriend is jealous of when
you are hanging out with other women, besides her.
"hey man, the other day from getting back with hanging with Jamie; My girlfriend went crazy, saying she doesnt want me hanging around her anymore."

"Shes got a JV"
by Phil Di Poce September 30, 2008
Noun- Abbreviation for Junior Varsity, often used to point out something/someone not up to a high level or demonstrates inexperience.

Verb- To refuse to participate in a fun activity, typically to do homework or to go home and pretend to do homework while actually going on facebook. More generally, to bitch out. This is also used in its unabbreviated form, "to Jon Victor."
You didn't log off of facebook and someone changed your status? That's a JV mistake.

That party was pretty JV- it was lame and everyone passed out at 11:00

That guy just JV'ed out of the White Panda Concert to go study.

We were going to go to Chick-fil-a with Jon but he JV'd and went home to go on facebook instead.
by lv2011 April 10, 2011
in a lesser league, amateur, not hardcore, lacking chops, not able to bring it (from junior varsity)
I thought I was a partier in high school, but I was straight JV, I didn't even do shots.

Don Juan is no ladies' man, his skills are JV, he doesn't even know how to go down on a girl and take her to the promised land.
by elvette July 20, 2006
A brainless necrophiliac that is always fucking a side of rotten beef. A person that can astalproject and rape you. An online pimp player. A genius for hire. A person that has successfully climbed "Pho Mountain" and gained immortality. An invincible gook.
JV can take 6 bullets to the head with a smile.
by Stubs December 12, 2004
(adj)- When your style and swagger surpasses that of Clint Eastwood, making you THE MAN.
Mr. Joe: "Hey look at that gangster guy!"
Mr. Chris: "He is so JV..."
by Frank Swardson July 15, 2010
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