Dominican expression for when you are extremely drunk
Diablo coño ese tipo tiene un maldito jumoo
by Jose el mejicano July 28, 2010
Top Definition

1) A substitute for the word clutch
2) Something extremely good.
3) An act of total awesome-ness
"That game-winning homerun during of the 9th inning was JUMO!"

"Your new car looks JUMO!"

"That steak was JUMO!"

"The New York Yankees have more championships than any other team in sports history. That's freakin' JUMO!"
by tsebtsrow May 18, 2009
Jumo-is the Act of Jacking off well experiencing the munchies, Jacking off being "sexually pleasuring yourself either with your hands or a foreign object"and the munchies "being when you get hungry after smoking weed. Usually people will eat a lot of junk food."
she was so high...she started to Jumo in front of us!
by BAd maNA JAMMA February 01, 2010
1. can be used to express extreme happiness, frustration, or surprise.

2. can also be used when in extremely deep thought.
1a. "JUMO! i won the poker match!"
2a. "i can't believe he ate my cheese! JUMO!"
3a. "how much did you get? JUMO!"

2b. "Jumo..... jumo.... hm..."
by mischola c. March 15, 2005
can be used to express happiness, frustration, or surprise.
1. "JUMO! we won the game!"
2. "JUMO! that idiot did it again!"
3. "and the cow did what? JUMO!"
by mischola c. March 15, 2005
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