A shorten form of Jesus "Titty Fucking" Christ that one can use in mix company, in front of children, and other social situations.

Brad simply muttered JTFC after his little cousin broke the TV with a soccer ball.
by Bradley Collins September 17, 2006
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Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ

Introduced in Team America, giving the world an opportunity to create other interesting phrases such as: Holy-Fucking-Dick-Balls, which is said quite often by bf2players.
Jesus Titty-fucking Christ (JTFC). I... could've sworn she was telling the truth.
by Cameron October 02, 2005
Jesus Titty Fucking Christ
J.T.F.C. that was retarded!
by JTrain August 13, 2006
Jesus Titty Fucking Christ
JTFC!!!! I just saw my life flash before my eyes.
by Renee L. September 06, 2006
Jesus. Titty. Fucking. Christ.
JTFC that is some fucked up shit.
by therealbill March 22, 2011
Jesus Titty Fucking Christ, More in depth term of JFC (Jesus Fucking Christ)
Mike: Did you hear Jon just got his 2nd OWI

Jake: JTFC
by gumby and pokme July 27, 2011
Abbreviation For When Someone Fucks Up So Bad Theres No Words For It. Abbreviation Stands For Jesus Tity Fucking Christ.
When Your Fire Chief Trys To Intubate A Manikan And would Have Killed The Patient J.T.F.C.
by Rather Not Say October 09, 2006

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