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Jenk Transmitted Disease. Disgusting scabby spotty mess around the chin and mouth area.
Keith: Look at Roberts mouth
Lloyd: Err thats disgusting what is it
Keith: Think hes got a JTD
by albert1941 August 16, 2011
0 9
JTD is John Thompson Drunk, it's when you get super drunk and drink like John Thompson
Oh man, I went home with who? I was def JTD last night.
by PowayPants November 18, 2010
40 7
Code for sayin Jack That Dick or Jackin' That Dick, when you dont want people around you to know what your talking about.
"Paul was JTDing today" "Before I go out, I gotta JTD"
by Red aka Rojo September 04, 2007
9 10