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Very hott lead singer in the band Hawthorne Heights. Hawthorne Heights has been called emo, scremo bunches of other stuff. They do scream. -Casey Calvert is the screemer- But, that stuff's beside the point, JT Woodruff is beautiful <3 He has long blackish hair and brown eyes. He's married... -to Niki Niki FM- Oh ya, he plays gituar too. <33
JT Woodruff in song Wake Up Call

Wake me up,
From this nightmare,
Wake me up I know that I
Am drowning
The blood from a pitch-black heart
#hawthorne heights #emo #scremo #singer #gituarist
by Alexandra<3 June 12, 2006
A hottie Born in Germany, lives in Dayton,Ohio married Nikki Woodruff in a band called Hawthorne Heights formerly known as A day in the Life he is the lead singer and guitarist...back then when they were a day in the life he had no hopes of becoming famous or anything and he was emo because he pretty much had nothing going right for him..but now his band is pretty big and i love hawthorne heights from the begining :D
I love JT Woodruff and Hawthorne Heights
#jt woodruff #hawthorne heights #emo #hawthorne #heightd
by PrisxXxCore January 15, 2007
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