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A "JPS1" stands for: Just Plain Stupid One. A typical JPS1 can be found, or at least their incoherent scratchings can be found on blogs or the comment sections of most websites. A JPS1 has a ton of opinions, and little if any practical knowledge and always holds everyone else to a higher standard than he does himself. The only thing that could be worse than finding a comment from a JPS1 on a blog, would be finding the JPS1 in person. There should be a law that requires all JPS1's to wear a sign, or perhaps a special hat, so that us normal folk can identify them from a distance and thus remove the possibility of any type of conversation or accidental contact.
"The guy that left that nonsensical comment on my blog is a classic JPS1."
by A. Nonymuss1 January 29, 2010
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