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An abbreviation for "Jump Off a Bridge"

used similarly to DIAF and FOAC
1. I have nothing to live for anymore.
by xhilr8d May 07, 2007
28 13
A "Joab" is a really attractive and sweet young man ;) he has the cutest eyelashes ever and the most wonderfully shaped, clean, brows....god he's handsome.! He is also very responsible and really good with kids (: he will make a great hubby one day :D A joab is one of those guys that can make you smile just by looking at you, he is funny <3 and he has anything a girl can want ;)
Ashley: Omg I want to date that joab he is sooooo cute ;D
by thatgirl52 February 13, 2013
24 2
An acronym for "Jump off a bridge". This is something you would say to someone who is not showing you any respect.
Some guy at work was bothering me so I said to him, "JOAB"
by funny fella January 13, 2014
1 2
abbreviation for Jerk-Off/Asshole/Bastard. Someone who isn't amply defined by less than three obscenities.
Not only did David not have the guts to break up with me to my face, the JOAB called my mom's cell phone, and left a voicemail telling her to tell me that I'd been dumped.
by Insafemode May 15, 2008
6 20