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Acronym for "Just Nod & Smile".
The term is used to advise what to do when someone is talking at you with gusto about a topic you either:
a) dont care for
b) have no idea about
Rosie: I just adore the thermodynamics of custard blah blah....
Dude1 (whispering): What the hell is she talking about?
Dude2 (whispering): JNS dude, JNS.
by Speakafreaka June 22, 2005
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No,not like the resturant. The act of a girl jerking a man off, then quickly switching to giving him oral pleasure so that he may reach orgasim, hence the acronym JNS Jack-N-Suck.
I Was feeling very horny and asked the lady if she would preform a JNS on me.
by B-ry Daw January 30, 2009
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