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n. "Just my fucking kidneys"
Derived by accident from the term coined in 2010, "Just my fucking kidding"
JMFK can mean an array of different things, but is usually used in a situation that "just kidding" or "holy shit" would have sufficed, but the user really wanted to impress that other girl in the room and went balls-out.
As the kidneys are a vital organ in most life forms on this planet, it makes absolutely no sense in this phrase. Use it wisely.
"Wow, I'm so glad we spent 10 minutes of our life submerged in a pretend submarine in disneyland!"

"JMFK, guys. Really."
by The beginning of time February 22, 2010
Just Mother F****** Kidding! The love child of the popularjk and mf
This acronym is so cool...jmfk!
by JRich1 January 21, 2009
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