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Just Like A Friend, When you want to tell someone that you love them, but like a friend, usually text based. Can also be used as JLAB, just like a buddy. A girl can tell a good guy friend or a nerd who just did her homework for her "I love you JLAF". This way it's not awkward. Or a guy can use it to not sound gay to another guy "You got us tickets to the game, I love you JLAF".
"I love you JLAF". Capital letters emphasizes the friend. To sound less gay you can just send "JLAF" and escape the whole I love you.
by JJFats March 07, 2013
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Acronym for "Just Like a Fucker"; alternate use: JLAMF - "Just Like a Mother Fucker"
Maria stole my boyfriend. JLAF
I can't find my pans. JLAMF
by Sam1611554 October 17, 2011
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