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Females, usually under the age of 30, whose legs are slender in nature. They can sometimes be confused with two Twizzlers wearing a pair of jeans.
Flamingos are the JL Slims of the bird kingdom.

"Ten JL Slims will fit in my Toyota Prius" -Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear (BBC)
by Joffrey Lannister June 18, 2013
A female, usually around the age of 25, with the opposite body type of Kim Kardashian.
You can fit ten JL Slims into Kim Kardashian's boot.
by Rabbitnuts June 18, 2013
An extremely slender female in the age range of 21-25 that sir-mix-a-lot would not write a song about.
Is that a utility pole or a jl slims?
by shaboom June 19, 2013

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