jj redick is a punk dookie just like the rest of the dookies. jj posted almost all of these definitions himself in a pathetic display of self-absorbtion.
-jj will get shut down by the tar heels this year!
-the tar heels will own jj redick and the rest of the dookies this year.
by Tar Heel #1 November 08, 2004
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See overrated and either gay,fag,or homo. Incredibly overrated and gay basketball player that played for a highly overrated college basketball team named Duke. He was a rape victim of the Duke lacrosse team but didnt report it because he enjoyed it. Is also known for being involved in many threesomes with Dicky V and Coach K.
Who's the gay looking player on the Magic that sits on the bench all the time?

Oh yeah thats JJ Redick
by The Great King April 14, 2009
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JJ Redick is the best basketball player ever who happens to be a great poetry writer as well. The best 3 point shooter and free throw shooter. He has broken an NCAA record for his amazing free throw shooting. And is also very good looking. Everyone is jealous of him because they want to be him.
The perfect guy. Hottie! Best player in the Nation!
by Michelle Sherrill March 31, 2005
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JJ Redick is an amazing player, he can drain 3's and shoot foul shots like nobody else in the ACC. He's super sexy and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And he WILL end up in the NBA.
The perfect NCAA Player soon to be a great NBA player.
by K-BoO*<3 April 04, 2004
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jj redick is one of the HOTTEST players in the WORLD!!!not only is he hot he is a GREAT player and rolemodel!!!
J.J. is my hero, rolemodel and idol.
by jjlover4 March 15, 2005
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An asshole who's only basketball talent is shooting the three pointer. He is easily compared to the likes of Mark Price and Rex Chapman.
"Look at JJ Redick. He has 'DICK' in his last name, AND he sucks at basketball."
by hexum January 19, 2005
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only the hottest guy in the world and definitely one of the best college basketball players today...
one day i will marry J.J. Redick
by Shaina June 03, 2004
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