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An epic failure of anything life related.
Slightly camp guy: Ouch, I just ran into a clothesline
Gangsta': Yo' dawg you just done a JJ
by RyanEzekiel May 31, 2008
JJ is an acronym for the Jazz Jackrabbit series of games, or rarely, the title charcter, or first in the series, although the first one is mostly called JJ1. Also used are JJ2, for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, JJ3, for Jazz Jackrabbit 3D, and JJA, for Jazz Jackrabbit Advance.
Craig went to bed after a long refreshing game of JJ2. Earlier in the day, he had been playing JJ1, JJ3, and even JJA. As he fell to the dark aura of sleep, he had only one thought. "I love the JJ series.."
by Vintic aka Elliot July 13, 2006
JJ abbreviation for Just Jump in relation to suicide.
Bob Brown: ahh i failed my maths test
Timmy: JJ
Bob Brown: Maybe yea...
by SIMON J WEBB November 17, 2005
A unusally hot "ARP" (all red pubes) A JJ is usually a male arp. He has a flat nose, and defining muscley features. He steals hoes from the half asian small weiner kids.
Ohhhh, thats one helluva a JJ.
by Eddy K July 11, 2006
Acronym for "Just Joshin'".
Craig: "Punk" "Post Punk" "Pop Punk" so many punk variations
Me: lol is post punk punk for mailmen?
Me: jj
by Matt Goldblatt May 31, 2006
Short for Johnathan james. Not so comon name for a male. Total asshole. Thinks he's strait and will never come out of the closet. Usually skinny and not bulky, but would rather be huge and muscular. Jock of all sports. Has no friends but thinks he may in another world. No life at all what so ever outside of sports.
that guy is such a JJ.

can he be any more of a JJ.

god that guy is so much of a JJ he doesnt know what a dick looks like
by Bad Calling July 11, 2008
1. adjective. A JJ is a man of a Jewish background that is a dedicated racist and lover of beastality porn, many believe that JJs struggle coming to terms with their sexuality

2. verb. To JJ means to defecate into a German man's mouth, the German is usualy called Fritz but Jurgen and Stefan is also accepted

3. verb. Pulling a JJ means to pull back another mans foreskin
1. Jew: "*snick snick* did anyone watch 'life in the undergrowth' or 'strictly come dancing' last night?"
man: "sir, call me anti-semistic if you wish but I do believe that you're a JJ"
2. "dude, in Crawley Down there was this guy JJing in the street"
3. "Alan says he's too ill to come to school today but I reckon he's pulling a JJ"
by James Draper October 18, 2006