A queer who likes big cock in his butt.
That guy takes cocks in the butt. He must be a JJ.
by Senor Meow June 24, 2009
It stands for "Just Jesting" and is a sophisticated alternative to jk
Bob: "Hey Gina, you look fat in those pants!"
Gina: "Why you son of a..."
Bob: "JJ!"
Gina: "haha!"
by cool4dude March 21, 2006
just joking - used in msn conversations etc
pity u don't ... jj
by Ched September 10, 2005
a cantonese(chinese) pronunciation
which means masturbating
He is jj-ing
He is masturbating
by Goldenian June 08, 2005
Means Just Joshing
Kate: I hate you
Kate: JJ!
by Tumadre1000101 August 31, 2008
a fuckin faggot ass cracker who thinks he's hot shit
WOW that kid is a fuckin faggot ass cracker, he's a JJ
by JJ Hater August 24, 2009
a word used to describe ones penis
My boyfriend loves my JJ!!!
by JT723 July 10, 2008

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