Short For Johandi Jordaan. This defines the most amazing, sweet kind, gentle, loving, cute, beautiful, sexy, truthful, honnest, stunning, romantic, fun, friendly, girl you will ever have the pleasure to meet. JJ is amazing in everyway.
Boy 1: JJ is so amazing!
Boy 2: I know right! Johandi Jordaan brings on a new definition of sexy!
Boy 1: JJ is the personality and looks package!
by ive_Fallen_4_U November 09, 2012
A wierd girl who wears odd socks and can't spell her name properly.
OMG!! u seem so JJish
by veryfunnyperson April 06, 2009
Awkward kid who sits next to you all lunch, but doesn't say anything accept, "Hi" and "Bye"; doesn't know how to change his name on Facebook so his name is forever stuck as "Jj"
A little better than an Accuna.
Bob Jones: Lol a kid tripped in front of me today at lunch!!
Jj: Haha
by LOL at him March 06, 2010
an abbreviation for "vagina" or woman, especially when comparing or rating the relative hotness of woman.
"did you see that jj that just walked by?"
"forget it dude. i hit it last week. Had to go spelunking in her jj"
by pedobear51991 December 06, 2009
acronym for a "joint and jerk", which means to smoke a joint and then jerk off.

Step 1: Smoke Joint
Step 2: Jerk Off
That chick blueballed me so I am going to have a JJ then fall asleep.
by Bobbbbbbbbmarley December 23, 2007
just joking - used in msn conversations etc
pity u don't ... jj
by Ched September 10, 2005
a cantonese(chinese) pronunciation
which means masturbating
He is jj-ing
He is masturbating
by Goldenian June 08, 2005

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