a hand rolled smoking stick containing illegal substances but rolled by J to make it a J J
"are we havin a J J?
by nessawozere June 08, 2004
Short for job justifier. One of those people who often creates drama -- and work -- to show the world they deserve their paycheck.
Bill's such a JJ. He made us polish all the chrome in the car lot because he heard there was fog this morning.
by Aaron Stowe March 06, 2009
a girl who is full of life and energy. the life of the party
did you see sarah last night, god i love the way she is such a JJ
by Tanya_d October 29, 2006
An abbreviation for Jungle Juice. Typically used on Facebook when family members can see the poster's status/comment or in public when you're trying to keep word about the party quiet for a while.
Facebook status: "JJ party tonight at my place!!!"
Parent: ?

Facebook status: "Jungle Juice party tonight at my place!!!"
Parent: "Excuse me?? You're coming home right now for the rest of the weekend or you can say bye bye to my tuition payments!"
Friend: "..."
by Sid Barrett April 14, 2010
A word meaning "yes" or "ok" in some slavic countries in Europe ( i.e. Slovakia, Czech Republic ). Translated it is supposed to mean "of course, of course" ( - "jasne, jasne" => therefore the two Js). Very often used in chat rooms, on ICQ or MSN, or any online-games like Counter-strike.

"R U staying for the next map?"

"Damn, that was cool!"
"jj, I liked that..."
by 3shit November 15, 2007
An acronym popular on internet message boards, for 'just joking'.
User 1: User 2's mother is a licentious whore

User 2: :@ OMFG how dare you

user 1: JJ :P
by goonerfan August 26, 2010
A wierd girl who wears odd socks and can't spell her name properly.
OMG!! u seem so JJish
by veryfunnyperson April 06, 2009

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