1. To try to act cool
2. To be a penguin
3. Can be used in the same context as the word 'fuck' or 'damn' or 'shit'.
4. In fact, it can mean anything in a bad context. If you have nothing to say, just say 'Ji'.
Your mom's a Ji.
Fucking Ji.
He's so Ji.
Ji man.
by Premguin March 29, 2005
The action of ignoring a confession from the opposite sex to the point of completely excluding him/her from your life.
1. "Dude... I totally got Jied..."
2. "I'm totally Ji-ing him"
by aznboy666 December 07, 2009
a (better) way to use hi
(on computer)
me: ji!
friend: what?
me: its a greeting i invented
friend: nice, man
friend: i think i'l use it now
by x benburn x July 27, 2010
Nominative singular pronoun, used by the person when referring to himself/herself.
(Synonym of 'Me' or 'I', defined similarly).
"Ji has to go now"
"Then he told Ji to stop singing 'Buttons' and Ji was like, NO!"
by HotSurferboi23 October 26, 2006
It means "yes", but immitates black american accents. The j is pronounced as a y.
A: Ajo
B: Ji (responds)
by Amino June 07, 2004

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