Another way of saying mate in the land of the shire (chesterfield). Ji can only be used by Shuttlewood Maintenance employees and it's associates under penalty of being strangled by the shuttlewood strangler.
Alr8 Ji!
Talk to me Ji!
by Robinio89 November 15, 2009
Top Definition
it can mean really or very; It is used in the MD and DC area
I'm ji hungry man.
I'm ji sleepy.
by Ni-Ni May 19, 2006
kind of; sort of
It's ji cold in here.
That hat is ji fly.
by Lil_memph1 January 13, 2004
J.I. stands for "Join Inner" and refers to a person who "joins in" on other people's conversations uninvited; adds his or her unsolicited advice or opinion to a conversation of which he/she is no part of, etc.

People who J.I. usually have no friends, otherwise they'd have conversations/discussions of their own with friends of their own.

This word was started at Auckland Grammar School in Auckland, by the 2003 class of 3G. Or so they say. The word "J.I." has reached other schools in the Auckland region (and most likely) other parts of NZ.
"Fuck off, you J.I.!!! God."
by Courtney April 07, 2005
J.I is an abbreviation term; Join In,its another word for blender. J.I is like trying to hard to fit in to the crew..but really you dont..New Zealanders use in soufcyde mangere 275..
sole; bro look at that dude what a J.I`s cunt.
uso; i know aye bro, BLENDA
by shush` April 13, 2005
j i
short for join in, refers to some one who joins in uninvited.
uninvited random- hey guys can i play
group- no bugger off you j i
by Hendelicious April 28, 2006
Abbreviation of "Join In". A spoken adaption of the culture of 'text language.' Used either as a noun to refer to someone who is an unwelcome member of the party but impossible to shake off, or as a verb describing the action of joining in with a group of people for lack of any better occupation.

Related to tag along.
Noun: "Who invited Katie? She's such a J. I."

Verb: "Hey my bus will be delayed by at least an hour so can I J. I. with you guys?"
by drum'nabass September 09, 2007
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