An acronym given to a man who's name starts with the letter J who fucks kids.
Wow Jimbo, checking out my 8 year old sister. JFK J-F-K! J-F-K!
by aleister January 28, 2008
to have or inflict a massive head wound
That motherfucker tried to JFK me so I cut him up.
by Coolio October 02, 2003
when a girl is giving you head and right as you are about to blow your load you pull her head down with extreme force blowing it right in the back of her head
sara was giving jeff a blow job and he jfk'ed her
by pickle puss April 01, 2006
When you are getting a blow job from a girl and she does such a great job that you cum really hard. So hard you blow her head off.
"Last night this chick was giving me such a great blow job that I JFK'd her."
by Brad February 17, 2005
when ur doing a girl in the butt and ur doing her so hard her head explodes and brain falls out and wife is watching.
Mr. Diddy, you have been charged with JFK.
by anthony b April 11, 2005
An extremely overrated president. A criminal. The Kennedy money came from stealing and murdering. He was assassinated by the only sane person left in the country at the time. After that, the whole country went insane, therefore inflating JFK's insane popularity. If Oswald didn't kill him, you would learn about a criminal, terrible president, and whore user person thingy in school.
Thanks to my grandpa, G. Warren Nutter (assistant secretary of defense of foreign affairs during the latter end of the Vietnam war), JFK's stupid war was won, but the stupid population wanted to end it because they actually thought we were loosing. HA! dumbasses
by Urban Dictionary May 16, 2005
Jesus fucking Christ!
jfk j00 is such a n00b
by Claven March 14, 2005

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