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When dealing with nitrous, "the jet(s) meter the amount of fuel and or nitrous that is being dispensed into a motor. The bigger the orifice in the jet the more that comes out. Therefore the bigger the 'shot'." APR
Adi: "Hey, what kind of shot are you running on your Saturn Type R?"
Ricer: "Yeah, dawg, I was runnin a 150 shot until I began losin to single-cam Civics. So now its 200 y0."
Adi: "Uhh... you sure that's safe on your stock motor? What jets are you using?"
Ricer: "The what? I like pei."
by NotSoQuick99Si April 23, 2003
4 9
amazing, cool, awesome, fantastic
often referring to pop culture or people
"your shoes are so jet!"
"oh yeah! i saw that movie, it was so jet!"

"that was so unjet, it wasn't even funny"
by imsojet May 01, 2010
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Warcraft and Drumline lover. the end.
Jet is very lame, also known as,.. poop man!
by =] =] =] February 19, 2008
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1. a complete loser
2. a complete retard
3. tells the lamest jokes ever
4. always think he's so sexy, but the truth is that he hasn't seen what real good looking guys are supposed to look like
5. has the worst personality ever.
6. loves bagging and insulting people, but it never works.
7. didn't stop his sis/friend from killing jojo
8. try hard
1. you're such a jet
2. what a jet!!
3. you acted like a jet just then!! what a lame joke!!
4. omg...only a jet would say that
5. your personality is worst than jet's
6. hahhahaa.....your insults are like jet's
7. you are as cruel as jet!!
8. im sure u can think of one yourself
by Jet_biggest loser ever September 29, 2006
3 10
One of the greatest bands ever. People always seem to criticize their music too much even if it does sound like other people's. OH FUCKING WELL! The band rules, get over it. Look, rock, I believe, is a dying breed. "'C'rap" is unfortunately taking over. Jet reminds me of the good ol classic rock days and if there were more bands like Jet relighting the flame of good music (or actual music at that), rap would not be a problem.
Jet may one day bring upon the Rock Rennesaince because they remind us of the golden age of rock.

Anyone who doesn't like Jet deserves to be flew into at Mach5 speeds by a jet.
80 87
More proof that the general public has no taste in music (see also White Stripes). Ever hear their song "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" The entire song is based around ONE chord. Apparently people are entertained by a song that only has one chord in it. To further add insult to injury, Jet's music also sounds like it was recorded in the 70s. The reason music in the 70s sounded like that was due to the limitations of recording technology; it was not a sound for which people strived.
Guy 1: "Are You Gonna By My Girl" by Jet is a great song.
Guy 2: "That entire song is based around ONE chord?"
Guy 1: "Huh? What's a chord?"
Guy 2: "Obviously you have no clue about music."
Guy 1: "What? I like this song because MTV and my friends told me it was cool."
Guy 2: "Obviously..."
by Siram September 10, 2005
45 54
This is just a little sidenote to what someone named "siram" said about Jet's song "Are You gonna be my girl". Siram said that the entire song is based around one chord. Siram said it on the first page about Jet.

ALL SONGS (unless the key modulates, which it doesnt do very often, mainly classical music) are based around ONE chord!

Also, the simplicity or complexity of a song shouldnt make it any better or worse, as long as it sounds good then its a good song.
Siram: Jet made a song based around one chord! ;(
Me: What's with the name Siram? More like... CRAP!
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