A rare name that some boys have. Jet is very nice and caring, but sometimes can have random mood swings and get sensitive. He is obsessed with a certain sport, be it basketball, baseball, etc. He loves acting like a kid and he is afraid of growing up. He is very attractive, but not the tallest guy ever. Jet usually has blue eyes and brown hair. He is a really good friend, but don't go to him for advice. Most girls love him, and most guys dislike him. If you meet a Jet, make sure to say hi.
Girl: Oh snap, look at Jet! Isn't he so cute?!
Guy: He's gay.
by candacemiscuche December 09, 2012
The female ejaculation.

When the woman reaches her orgasm, she cums and squirts. This is jet, as you can see it jets out of her body with a force
Q: Are you about to jet?
A: yeah baby, yes yes YES! AHHHHH!!!

Q: Yo did she cum last night?
A: Yeah she jetted all over me

"Girl you just jetted all over my sheets"
by Armageddon Stan February 07, 2010
to leave a place with extreme speed and agility,usually done when trying not to be seen or caught for something you have done
Person 1:dude you just kicked her door off its fucking hinges

person 2:yea i kno dude let freakin jet before we get caught
by wolfwind March 11, 2009
to expel forcefully (e.g., semen)
Dude, you should have seen the load I jetted on that chick's face!
by gooschutzalot November 28, 2007
Undercover word for get. Usually referring to sexual intercourse.
Yo Matt, did you jet from that bitch in the club?
by Austin Strynkowski June 10, 2007
That thing that everyone leaves on. Esp. John Denver. And Peter, Paul, and Mary.
"I'm leavin' on a jet plane..."
by JackTheEVAP September 19, 2005
1. A program for new college grads who don't know what they want to do with their lives to become english teachers in Japan. (J.E.T. Japan Teaching Exchange through the Japanese embassy) 2. A member of the program
1. I applied to JET but didn't get in.
2. My best friend is a JET in Hiroshima.
by yankeelover April 07, 2005

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