gamma-Hydroxyburyrate, also known as GHB.
If taken properly, makes you wanna kiss the sky.
-Hey bro, you up for some Jet?
-Sure... uh, I'm gonna get serotonin syndrome again. Aw, to hell with it, buckle up!
by Alexand November 10, 2007
a pretty cool Band actually worthy to be called rock.. kinda weird since they were recently formed in the 2000's.
well, they are one of very few.

good vocals and they have a keyboard player!!.. thats just awesome. cool bass lines and a jammin guitarist

give them a look up. i have both of their ablums.

me- "dude who is this on the radio?"

jim- "oh thats Jet man, they're pretty cool man"

me- "yea man where have i been.. when did this ablum come out?"

jim- "in '03 man.. its their first one"

me- "for real man?... cool."
by peacefrog May 31, 2007
The true New York football team, and in most years the better one. The New Jersey Giants can bite me, I'm a real New Yorker. Home of Curtis Martin.
Giants, Giants, Giants, the Jets are always in their shadow.

The Jets made the playoffs again under Herm Edwards! Much better than Jeremy Shockey and those arrogant Giants and their fans who live all over New Jersey, northern Pennsylvania, and Orange County, NY. We Jet fans are home-grown New Yorkers.
by Crazyswordsman January 18, 2005
an Australian rock band that tries to model bands from the 60's and 70's "glory days" of rock music. The members are Nic Cester (lead singer and guitarist), Cameron Muncey (lead guitarist and occasional vocals), Chris Cester (drums and backing vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass and occasionly harmonica). They like to use classic blues, hard rock, and other rock riffs, which have been used by other popular bands. People have considered this stealing, which really overall depends how you look at it: many bands have done the same (using riffs and licks pioneered by other bands) yet other bands feel they should stay totally original, which is also fine.

Their debut album, Get Born, released in 2003 and consists of 13 songs w/ hit singles such as Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Cold Hard B****, Rollover DJ, etc. Their second album, Shine On, did not do as well as they hoped, because this album was darker, seeing as how Nic and Chris Cester's father had died in 2004. Still, they've had singles from that album, such as Rip It Up, Shine On, and Hey Kids. Their most recent album, Shaka Rock, their third "official" cd, was released in 2009. The current singles so far that have come from the album are She's A Genius, Black Hearts, and Seventeen.
Overall, I think JET is a very good band that is worth listenning to (if you like their style). If you actually listen to them and stop whinning about how they supposedly "ripped-off" a Beatles song (Sexy Sadie), then you'd actually be able to hear their songwriting and talent.

Guy1: Who the heck is JET????????
Guy2: They're from Melbourn, Australia.
by electrified guitarist May 17, 2010
Hip, hype, dope, fly, rad, bad ass, sweet.
That new Justice track is Jet
by avant/chi fan August 19, 2008
A guy with an attitude. Normally smokes and drinks etc. Can be nice if you're nice to him, but if you're an ass to him he will be an even bigger ass to you. He might even beat you up you'll never know. Jets are usually more into guys than girls, because I mean well- girls suck in a Jets opinion. They are protective.. of their close ones mainly. Be careful if you ever dare to date a Jet. You should be able to find his soft side though.
"God he's such a Jet, look at the way he's clenching his fists".
by Amxlix November 10, 2014
1)JET! is extra fly extra cool or extra hip.

2)JET! (Jason Terry) is a Dallas Texas dance that requires sticking your hands out like a plane usually done while doing the boogie or sometimes standing still. The dance mimics the signature move of pro basketball player Jason (The JET) Terry.
1) Say bro that new Camaro is Jet!

2) Im bout to hit the dance flo and Jet on these ho's.
by Lil Kiest August 06, 2009

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