short for jealous, as made famous by people from 'The Only Way Is Essex'
OMG she is well jel of me and Mark
by TOWIE April 01, 2011
Top Definition
An abbreviation of jealous aka JEL. to be jealous of someone or to ask the question Jealous?
Im going hanging out with my mom. Jel?
by Lubabe January 10, 2004
A super cool girl with a big ass and who is pretty/attractive. A Jel usually has a lot of short term relationships and long nails. Jels have a lot of calcium in their diet.
Damn, look at that girl's booty! She is such a Jel.
A stupid organization that tries to convice people to stop smoking.
Did you see that Jel commercial? God damn it was annoying!
by phreak_1983 May 25, 2003
We are Just Eliminate Lies. As a generation of united Iowa youth, we fight against those who seek to exploit us for their own gain. We vow to battle the tobacco industry's corrupt efforts to manipulate us into using their addictive, deadly products.
JEL fighting big tobaccco since 2000.
by JEL member Dbq. July 04, 2006
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