1. A jeb end is the externalia of the femailia genitalia. Encompassing the fanny flaps, and a little bit extra.
2. Used in any manner whatsoever
What the jeb are you doing?
Your acting like a jeb end!
Stop touching my jeb end!
Jeb off!
Jeb's jebbing jeb's jebs jeb end.
Jeb end's mum.
Your jeb's showing.
by Chris Beesting December 11, 2009
Top Definition
This is the end of a penis, and used in name calling to a person who is a dick head.
Dave you are such a fucking jeb end.
by dk lil February 17, 2006
1) The head of a penis (otherwise known as the "bellend")
2) The final remains of a cigarette / joint.
1) My jebend is aching like hell.
2) Let's get a squitzy on your jebend!
by WalnutSack April 09, 2006
Another word to describe the head of the penis.
I beg of you please let me slurp the hot and steamy cum of your 'oh' so salty Jebend
by Michale March 25, 2006
General offensive term towards someone. Derived from bellend
As used by Devvo, "Bellend, bellend, you aint nothin but a jebend."
by Aji Corath March 04, 2006
A jeb-end is an insult created by the one and only Dev-Vo. A chav on youtube. Its basically calling someone a twat, or an idiot.
dude 1: aup deck!

dude 2: fuck off you jeb-end
by hamster_f_92 May 02, 2008
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