A freakin hott red head...That I will continue to love forever and always...
I love you always my love...
by Insanely Inlove March 02, 2005
Top Definition
A hot (usually younger) male with the ability to make women grin from ear to ear when thinking about them. Usually characterised by a cute smile and dimples, they are genuine and caring partners who can turn your world upside down. In fact, the acronym JDB actually stands for Joyously Delicious Boy.
'Gosh, I can't believe how lucky I am to have bagged myself such a JDB!'

'My God, that JDB was so into you last night - jealous!'
by Ems29 February 07, 2010
The secret word used between friends to refer to recieving a blow job while in a large group of people.

JDB - Jobs De Blow (spanish)
Shit dawg, Brians mom sure knows how to give one hell of a JDB!
by Paul and Darren. BOATERS 4 LIFE January 07, 2003

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