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James Campbell High School: a School for students who want to get a real upper secondary school education.

JCHS is the only certified public International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Hawai'i and is concurrently the only certified AVID Demonstration School for the state of Hawai'i.

JCHS has always received the most scholarship money awarded to students out of all schools in the state of Hawai'i ever since 1999.
Person 1: "You are a very successful person! What high school did you graduate from?"

Person 2: "I have graduated from JCHS."

Person 1: "Wow, when I have children, I want them to attend JCHS!"
by mark96706 February 11, 2009
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It's like a prison; when you get there, you're like, "nah", but after a while, you're like, "it'll do." Most brawls spring up from loose change. Students get kicked out of tefillah as a punishment.
I got JCHSed last year and I'm still in pain.
by person1234738922 January 23, 2009
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Jewish Cock Hunter. A woman who is set on only dating Jewish men. Usually, it is because they believe all of the stereotypes about Jewish men treating women as well as they treat their mothers, having money and power, and being kinky as hell.
She joined JDate?? She's not even Jewish! What a JCH!
by hebrewzzi January 06, 2011
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