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A guy who only ever won the tag team titles for a short time and was european champ for less than a week before losing it at a house show that was suddenly made out to be a big time player on smackdown! because all the big names are on RAW now. A clothesline is not a finishing move. And the WWE champ shouldn't have such crap intro music... a cow fucking moo's in it...
JBL is the WWE champ? WTF?!?!
by The Oz July 18, 2004
The reason why Smackdown sucks at the moment. The fact that the writers lets this guy hold the WWE title a couple of weeks before he struts around Germany saluting the Nazi is just stupid.

Also see Nazi.
All heil the nazi as he becomes the worst ever WWE Champion since Kevin Nash!
by Mister Ignorant July 14, 2004
One of the most loyal, hard-working and superb wrestlers ever to grace the WWF/WWE. Since his change to the JBL character, he has developed enormously into a major talent in WWE programming and was most deserving of his 10-month reign as WWE Champion. He truly did not deserve to lose to Cena in such a short match at WMXXI after such a great tenure.
JBL is one of the all-time greatest, and, I'm telling you, if he hit you with a Clothesline From Hell in real life, you would most definitely be finished!
by Gavin Anderson April 25, 2005
The worst Champ since records began. The guy deserves shooting, preferably by his ex tag team partner Faarooq.
The guy was cool when he was a member of the Acolytes, but now he sucks because he got his own head stuck righhhhht up his ar$e.
Please fire him.
John Bradshaw Layfield must be hung, drawn, quartered, burnt and re-burnt. All in favour say HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
by Cena's Woman August 11, 2004
John Bradshaw Layfield
I can't believe John Bradshaw Layfield his getthing another WWE Smackdown Championship title shot.

This is a great example of John Bradshaw Layfield backstage political powers, this guy almost has the same power of HHH.
by Fightinggato April 02, 2004
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