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Short for "Jewish By Insertion" or "Jewish By Injection". Refers to the status of a gentile woman (shiksa) who has had sex with a Jewish man.
Now that I have had sex with Ben, I can finally go to the Chabad parties without it being a thing, because I'm JBI.
by yaolinglingjiu February 26, 2012
Just Beast It.

When you don't have a good explanation for someone to do something, you just say JBI.
Eric: "I don't want to buy a $2000 camera lens."
Justin: "JBI."
Eric: "Ok, fine. Lets go get it."
by JBI Dude January 28, 2011
JBI is the acronym of John Bosco Ip. It could mean you are great if it is used as an adjective.
You are JBI! (Meaning:You are great!)
by JBI July 24, 2003
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