short term name for Jack Barakat also known as the orignal JB, JB is from the american rock band All Time Low. Jack claims that Justin Beiber stole his nickname..

Jack Barakat, (JB) is one of the most down to earth people, to ever walk the earth. he is very funny, says some great quotes, can play a guitar very well, he cares alot about his fans, he can also be known as promoting STI and STD awareness such as Herpes on his guitar.. :)

he is THE ORIGINAL JB.. :)
girl 1: "have you heard about JB? he was shot... :(
girl 2: NOOOOOooo not Jack!! *cries*
girl 1: no justin beiber....

girl 2: oh thank **** for that...

girl 1: -_-....
by giglet April 16, 2011
Top Definition
Jail Bait. A girl or boy who is underage.
Back off dude. She's JB.
by Lauren Gio December 28, 2005
1) Short for jail bait.
2) A person who is almost, yet barely the age of consent.
3) Pornography which usually features girls 13-17 taking pictures of themselves naked in front of mirrors.
4) Not to be confused with cp.
"I fapped to some jb on the net. Little did I know it was my little sister."
by "A" June 14, 2008
an acronym for the phrase Jiant Bitch
Your such a Jb
by darkmegastorm May 20, 2014
A jb is a strange fellow. at times he acts like he doesn't care, but deep down you know he does. Gets offened easily but thats just all part of the act. likes to play fight wheater he will admit it or not. thinks highly of other people but never of himself. very smart and inteligent. trustworthy. loyal, would never cheat on you. makes you stay up late thinking about him. its hard to mad at him. makes you laugh when you didn't even want to smile. gives very sincere compliments. loves curly hair. most amazing person ever.
j.b. is what you always wanted
by allyoueverwanted February 06, 2010
To take something from a friend in an unintentional or absentminded way, most often regarding inexpensive or commonplace items.
Hey man, did you J.B. my lighter?
by quotedeen January 17, 2009
J.b is an acronym for the derogatory term "jewbag", it can be used as both a noun and a adjective. Usually J.b is used almost in code when people are around who may be offended.
"That fucking mako is such a j.b., he won't eat out anywhere unless it's really cheap".
by mighty oak September 10, 2010
The act of finishing anything prematurely
I was with that smokin hotty last night and i pulled a Jb!
by Jon Bennet August 04, 2011

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