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a way of saying nifty or snazzy or cool. Usually used to talk about a noun. Any one can use it goths, preps, punks, vintages, even gangstas!
dude did you see that shirt?
o yea for sho it was JAZZY FRESH dawg!
i know, i know im feelin it... FO REAL.
by shopingchick369 May 02, 2007
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The coolest person in the world. Often very sexy and nice. perfect hourglass body shape. Very smart. lovely lady. loves music. great guitarist and dj. very good with instruments and is a fast learner. amazing in bed if she is a capricorn. doesnt party much but you are lucky if you go to a party she goes to because they are the most fun....if your around her. very popular. has many talents. beautiful girl.
someone girls are jealous of but guys love
girl: Oh man do you see JazzyFresh?
boy: yeah. man she's beautiful. i wish more girls were like her.
girl: she's okay. not all that. shes nice though.
boy: i know very thoughtful. hard to get but thats the fun of getting a girl
girl: im hard to get.
boy: umm....anyway im gonna go talk to her
by ryanross July 14, 2009
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