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<jaw-guh> J.ust A.nother U.nemployed W.hite G.uy - also JAWG, like DAWG, but for white guys, a term coined by Salvatore Paradise in his third book entitled "Danny Veit is a Piece of Sheit." Initially used to describe his second unemployed friend, now applicable to 11% of the population in this second American Great Depression
How's it hangin' JAUWG, find a job yet? No man, I applied to work at six flags, but all of the 40 year old JAUWGS got there first. What's an 18 year old JAUWG supposed to do for money these days? I donno man, have you tried asking your dad if you can work for him at his company JAUWG?
by Salvatore Paradise August 04, 2009

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