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1. Rare and transient meditative zen-like or utopian state of elevated socio-spiritual consciousness. 2. Condition of profoundly transformative creative symbolism. 3. Defining the pinnacle of human potential 4. Complimentary petname sometimes bestowed upon impressive members of the fairer sex &/or uniquely hyper-intuitive progressive gents born under the sign of Taurus.
So profound were the girl's observations that it was believed that she had ascended to a transient state of Janasa.

Janasa wasn't yet his; no matter how hard he longed for it.

She awoke that morning feeling distinctly janasacydal.

Also: janasacism, janasacydal, janasacystic, janasally, janasae(plural)
by Dimestore-Oracle February 03, 2010
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