for so far i know it's the german and dutch name for the annoying ringtone company: jamster
someone: uh oh it's that annoying crazy frog ringtone from jamba again!

somone else: change the channel!!!
by coolzay June 20, 2005
Top Definition
More than love
I don't love you...
I JAMBA You!!!
by BrooklynsAthlete August 24, 2009
Marijuana. Called by the kids who live in Sierra Leone.
Me:Do you wanna go smoke some jamba after school?
Ashley:Of course man!!
by GI Jew November 16, 2004
Jamba is another word used to refer to a spliff or joint
yaright mate, fancy going for a jamba ?
by whitey51 June 07, 2010
AN INSULT. (NOT a compliment on ANY occasion)

A Jamba is an individual who basically has no life other than always worrying about trying to look cool. They were first discovered hanging out in the Jamba juice parking lot after it closes because they have nowhere to go, but now can be found at other parking lot locations in the evening standing aside their vehicles, sometimes blaring music.

Their occupation: Professional Loitering

- wears dirt biking clothing / flashy clothing.
- large size truck with unnecessary sized lift.
- expensive car that their mommy or daddy probably bought them.
- stupid fake diamond studded earrings on both ears.
- talking like they are a gangster, but they are far from it.
- talks just for the purpose to gain attention.
- expensive sunglasses usually worn by dirtbikers.
- baseball cap that is usually of no significance to the individual because he is a poser.
- tall tee's (not typically seen in recent times).
- frequently coming to and from Discovery Bay, CA.
person#1- "damn i can't find a parking space with all these stupid Jambas in the way."

person#2 - "yeah, i can't hear a word you said because the Jambas are blasting their music."

Jamba#512 - "yeeeee boiii. what you starin at? i'm so cool."
by TruthBeGivens September 29, 2010
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