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Just Ask Her Out. It's the answer to any relationship problem. Became the catchphrase of frequenters of The Elder Scrolls Forums' Community Discussion board during an outbreak of relationship threads.
Guy 1: Guys, I have this relationship problem. It's about this girl...

Guy 2: JAHO!
by WTFK? May 03, 2009
The 2 Jehovah's witnesses that come to your house Saturday mornings to give you their pamplets
I saw 2 Jahoes in black suits knocking on my door, I thought it was the feds so I microwaved my hard drive.
by tjon March 06, 2007
Acronym for 'Just Ask Her Out'

Often used to make things awkward when someone can't muster up the courage to express how they feel.
Liam: "Hi"
Hannah "Hi"
Passer-by: "JAHO!"
by Trophozoite March 25, 2009
a super cool kid, duh guys, come on!
uh... you're supa fly!
by hehe :) jjjeesssiee February 07, 2005
A sadly pathetic Polish kid, who in spite of himself is massively whipped by a black girl. He is the protege of Daniel James Morse, and really has no life. He plays a lot of video games, yet when challenged, he gets smashed. He is sadly missing his testicles after his girlfriend pinched them off. That's too bad for him. Jaho has also had many excellent experiences involving education. He recently recieved a Phd (pubic hair digester) from Professor Michael Dabkowski. Other 'embarassing' moments have occured in the life of Jaho, but nothing of great note. He is generally better seen not heard, and cries himself to sleep every night. boo-hoo.

to be made fun of, in such a way as to resemble the likeness of Jaho. His utter idiocy is legendary and thus the verb 'jaho' was created. Normally used in the past tense, i.e. Jaho-ed.
Carney: Wow, you are an idiot!
Jaho: I just jaho-ed myself, that's wiggity wack.

Branden: who are you?
Jaho: JA JA JAHO!!!

anonymous: I went to the bathroom and jaho-ed all over my pants. Crap!!
by Steakman February 04, 2005

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