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According to Webster and my experience in Iowa, this is a drinking spree.
Lets get that jag on!
by ewhogg March 16, 2007
17 15
somebody younger than you that you can go to for advice, trust, or just company. Age doesn't define wisdom. Age is only a restriction if you let it be and a jag is someone who is willing to always help people.
I wasn't having a good day so I went to my friend Ethan; he's such a jag.
by Vedo December 08, 2013
1 0
Jag is a Term, mostly found in Scotland as a Slang word for an Medical Injection.

However, They are not called a Jag once used, the name will return back to Needle, a Jag is actually when it is about to or within the Flesh of a person.
When She gave me the jag, she put the needle into a yellow bin.

Was your Jag painful?
by ScottishOne June 17, 2011
13 12
A slang for a British car Jaguar
1-Hey, I got a Jag
2-Wow, sure is a beautiful car
by britishcarsrule March 06, 2011
4 3
Just-A-Guy or Just-A-Girl. He's better than a SLUG (Semi Lingering Under-Average Guy), but he's really just a guy. It's NEVA his world - not now, not neva.
What a Jag!
by DRJC November 11, 2010
4 3
Generally a really nice guy.
Will treat his girlfriend really well.
Is gorgeus!!!
Very amazing.. You'd be lucky to have him in your life.
Girl 1 : Wow, look at that guy over there he is gorgues!
Girl 2 : I heard he is really amazing tbf :)
Girl 1 : Wow, must be a jag :)
by Alilibabz April 28, 2010
38 37
intoxicated, drunk, Jag-a-lag
Ho we was all Jag last night!!
by No hate in the 808 January 19, 2010
4 3