Top Definition
A quick way to say "Jumping around for Joy" while typing on AIM, talking through email, or just making life a tad easier.
Mike: You know, I really like you... a lot... Go out with me?
Sam: Yes! Of course I will, Mike! JAFJ
Mike: Great! LOL
by Llamaness May 11, 2006
Just A Fucking Joke
This essentially means that the message stated above was only intended as a joke and nothing too serious, so don't get too affected by it. This could be a safe addition to prank messages so that the long arm of the law can't chase you down for misleading the public since you left a small disclaimer that says it's a joke.
Joe: Hey man, so there was this PSA about a zombie outbreak
Moe: Naww I bet it was JAFJ
by axmataz December 11, 2015
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